Logistics Technology

By connecting our fleet of vehicles via a GPS system and our integrated warehouse control, our customers are able to exhaustively track their goods in real-time through safe and simple software.

Download original delivery notes after being signed by dispatch.

Download invoices and any associated delivery notes.

Real-time GPS traceability of shipments and deliveries.

Possibility of integration with our customers' systems.

Tracking of merchandise via email.

Management and tracking of events online.

Transactions and invoicing alerts.

Events and designated times.

Thanks to our logistics technology, you can count on your shipment documentation in real time.

  • Secure Server: We can guarantee that all our customers' information and customer databases are secure.

  • APP: Our APP allows us to obtain real-time delivery information, geopositioning, time and date, and also allows us to record incidents, upload photos and record comments on shipments, which our customers can see in their designated customer area.

  • Digital Data Exchange Management: Today data is the most valuable asset that a company can manage. The correct interconnectivity between different data sources allows companies to achieve a global vision and proactively manage their strategies.

  • Automatic Processing of Delivery Notes: Automatic importation of documents and / or delivery notes whilst avoiding processing errors. Agile importation, which often occurs before processing, helps us to plan more efficient routes and consequently more efficient deliveries.

  • Real-Time Status: By being connected with our customers' management systems, any change in shipment status is agile and allows them to receive information in real time.

  • Signed Delivery Notes: Perfectly ordered and ready to be downloaded 365 days a year.