Furniture Logistics

Integrated Furniture Logistics Outsourcing

Does your company need to outsource its furniture logistics management?

Mediterráneo can provide you with a complete logistics service which covers all stages.

Reception of goods: Unloading of containers

Storage in facilities 100% specialised in furniture

Real-time stock management

Distribution: Our transport fleet handles the shipment of goods to the shops

Our equipment and facilities are specifically designed and adapted to meet the specialised needs of the furniture sector.

Real-Time Stock Information:

Our permanent inventory system and our exclusive customer area will allow you to know the stock levels of your goods at all times, making it easier for you to avoid stock-outs and foresee manufacturing or importing needs.

We have 7 logistics centres in Spain: Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Vitoria and Alicante.

Our facilities can provide you with 20,000 m2 of warehousing which is exclusively dedicated to furniture logistics.

Our growing modern fleet is being constantly renewed and currently consists of 55 vehicles.

If you do not have space, we can store your production stock, facilitating your operations and providing you with the peace of mind of being in the hands of one of the best furniture logistics specialists.

Logistics Technology

Mediterráneo has its own internal app for complete logistics management. All procedures such as loading, unloading and stock management are digitized within our system.

Our logistics app allows our customers to access all the information related to their shipments in real time via our private Customer Area, where they can consult delivery notes, invoices and the shipment status.

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