Furniture Transport
Spain, Andorra and Portugal

Furniture Transport in Spain, Andorra and Portugal

Furniture distribution in Spain, Andorra and Portugal via our very own GPS tracked fleet of vehicles to ensure the arrival of goods at their destination on time and in perfect condition.

24-hour service with our main branches.

Special deliveries to large supply chain warehouses.

Deliveries within 5 working days throughout Spain and Portugal.

Swap Bodies

The best solution to avoid unnecessary handling and prevent incidents is through the use of swap bodies. We have a fleet of vehicles with two swap bodies of 50 m3 gross each, offering a total capacity of 100 m3 per vehicle.

24-hour service

Between Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria, Alicante y Valencia Central.

Logistics Technology

Mediterráneo has its own internal app for complete logistics management. All procedures such as loading, unloading and stock management are digitized within our system.

Our logistics app allows our customers to access all the information related to their shipments in real time via our private Customer Area, where they can consult delivery notes, invoices and the shipment status.

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