B2B Furniture Picking

Furniture Picking

Taking into account the special characteristics of the furniture sector, where maximum care is a must, the picking process phases are as follows:

Planning and Preparation: We collect the shipment data and then group the order preparation to achieve maximum standardisation and to also speed up the process.

Product Picking and Extraction: Mediterráneo's specialised team is in charge of picking the product and delivering it to the Operations Area. Thanks to our state of the art computer system, we have all items perfectly located alongside their stock to facilitate the process.

Order Verification: We check the condition of the products and the order quantities before preparing them for shipment.

Integrated Furniture Logistics

Mediterráneo can provide you with a complete logistics service which covers all stages, from reception of goods to distribution.

Our equipment and facilities are specifically designed and adapted to meet the specialised needs of the furniture sector.

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