Transportes Mediterráneo: More than 50 years dedicated to furniture transportation and logistics.

We are a dynamic company with a young workforce, specialised in finding the best logistic solutions for the exclusive transport of furniture. Our extensive infrastructure allows us to delivery your goods with great agility.

After more than 50 years in the sector, our business is solely aimed at companies in the furniture sector. We offer the best possible service to our customers and even sometimes to private individuals. A reliable premium furniture transport service which can also include, assembly, if necessary.

Our specialised furniture logistics service is complemented with state-of-the-art technology. We offer an internal app and a private area which allows our customers to see deliveries in real time.

We operate our own large fleet of trucks with trailers for long distance routes and small vehicles to access large cities, which, together with our great team of exceptional people, allows us to ensure that your merchandise arrives at its destination on time and in perfect condition.

We are well aware that a piece of furniture is an item that requires careful handling and storage. Mediterráneo takes special care every step of the way whilst always providing the reliability, regularity and agility that defines our customer service commitment. Unnecessary handling is avoided thanks to our more than 100 swap bodies.

By understanding the sector's concerns and adapting to them, Mediterráneo has succeeded in becoming one of the leading national and European furniture transport and logistics companies.

Mediterráneo is delighted to be a member of the prestigious MACH3000 Group, the largest European furniture logistics alliance which operates on a global scale. MACH3000 members must undergo a rigorous selection process before joining the alliance, which offers both B2B and B2C global transport and logistics services.

Mediterráneo's growth has only been possible thanks to continuous improvement in all business aspects, infrastructure investment, new technology incorporation and through a constant focus on the specialisation of human resources.

Mediterráneo is a specialised furniture logistics company with over 50 years experience. Our main customers are manufacturers, furniture importers and exporters, home furnishings and decor shops, wholesale and retail distribution warehouses, as well as professionals related to the furniture sector.